Apple found a new supplier of OLED displays

At the moment, the only supplier of displays for the iPhone X is Samsung. But, according to the publication Patently Apple, the situation may change in the near future.

The Chinese company BOE, which produces OLED displays, has long been in the spotlight of Apple. In February this year, the media reported that in Cupertino are actively testing the products of this manufacturer and do not exclude the possibility of concluding a contract.

This week it became known that representatives of BOE, visiting Cupertino, began to prepare a business plan related to the construction of manufacturing plants for the production of OLED displays. In this case, as sources say, some of these screens will fall on folding displays.

Previously, there was information that one of the following iPhone could get a folding screen. And although the release of such a smartphone is a question of a distant perspective, the fact that Apple is looking for partners for the delivery of the component is already encouraging.

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