Mitsubishi has developed an algorithm for managing industrial robots based on artificial intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric specialists developed a number of algorithms, including feedback control algorithms for industrial robots, based on Maisart’s artificial intelligence technology, which is also the company’s own development. The use of artificial intelligence in this area makes it possible to ensure higher precision of the robots performing individual operations, to shorten the training time of the robot by humans and to increase the speed of performing complex operations.

During tests conducted by experts of Mitsubishi Electric, it was found that algorithms based on artificial intelligence reduced the time for performing individual assembly operations by as much as 65 percent. At the same time, the movements of robots were more measured and smooth than the movements of the same robot operating under standard algorithms.

In addition to speeding up the work, new control algorithms can significantly save the resource of the robot itself. After a more smooth motion and less applied forces cause less stress on moving parts and components, which leads to a decrease in their wear.

Higher accuracy of movements will increase the efficiency of using industrial robots in performing work that requires special accuracy, in particular when installing components on printed circuit boards, assembling complex mechanical assemblies and devices. And in the future, similar algorithms can be adapted to control not only industrial robots, but also medical robots-surgeons who require even greater accuracy, smoothness and dimensionality of movements.

Representatives of Mitsubishi Electric will demonstrate the full power of their new robot control algorithms at the International Robot Exhibition, which will be held in Tokyo from November 29 to December 2 of this year.

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