Robot Atlas has learned to perform acrobatic stunts

The robot, which can move on two legs more or less steadily, is now quite common. But the robot, capable of making a jump with a reverse coup, is still capable of causing us a feeling of deep astonishment. And this feeling will be fully experienced by those who will watch the video below, released recently by the famous robotic company Boston Dynamics. In this video, the latest version of the Atlas robot demonstrates a number of incredible gymnastic and acrobatic tricks for the robot – a jump from a place, a 180-degree turn in a jump and a jump with a reverse coup.

It should be noted that the acquisition of Boston Dynamics by the Japanese company SoftBankobviously went first for good. After a fairly long period of stagnation during the period when Boston Dynamics was owned by Google , Boston Dynamics specialists demonstrated several of their achievements at once, in particular, a new, more “sleek” and clever variant of the SpotMini robot .

Let’s remind our readers that the humanoid robot Atlas was developed specifically to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. The first version of the robot could walk fairly enough, climb the stairs and perform simple actions. Later, the robot’s design was more than once modernized and Atlas could already stand, balancing on one leg, and move through open spacesusing energy from its internal source.

Robot Atlas # 2

The robot’s form has also undergone many qualitative changes. Over time, the robot became more “smooth” and more compact, which was facilitated by the use of new hydraulic systems and small-sized internal sensors. These sensors and more advanced software algorithms provided the Atlas robot with an excellent sense of balance, he could stay on his feet even when someone tried to knock him down with a blow. And in the event of a fall, the robot cleverly rose and stood on its feet again.

Now it seems that the robot Atlas is preparing to perform at the next Olympics or in the circus. He is able to jump from place to box, jump from one box to another, make a jump in the jump and perform other dizzying tricks, which for greater effect are shown on the video in slow-motion mode.

Unfortunately, representatives of the company Boston Dynamics have not yet published detailed technical information from which it would be possible to understand, due to which the new robot gained a lot of such impressive opportunities. Nevertheless, all this indicates that the field of modern robotics is rapidly progressing, and the moment when humanoid robots are equal to humans in speed and dexterity of movements, it seems that it will not be necessary to wait very long.

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