T-HR3 – a humanoid robot from Toyota, which accurately copies the movements of a human operator

The company Toyota introduced a new humanoid robot called T-HR3. This robot is able to copy the movements of the human operator, which is inside a special installation and carries a virtual reality device, HTC Vive in this case with the highest accuracy, which allows him to see everything from the robot’s point of view and to control his movements in real time. To demonstrate the capabilities and high accuracy of such a remote control system, the robot performed a complex of complex movements from Tai Chi and built something out of cubes, similar to the cubes of the Lego constructor.

The T-HR3 robot is positioned by its creators as a testing platform that can be used to design “environmentally friendly” robots that will in the future work side by side with people on construction sites, in medical institutions, in the field of disaster management and man-made disasters . And in the more distant future, such robots can become “avatars” of people, allowing them to explore outer space and other planets without being exposed to the slightest risk.

Robot T-HR3 and remote control system

To ensure the highest accuracy of repetition of human movements, the traditional simple methods of detecting and tracking movements do not fit very well. Therefore, the person managing the robot T-HR3, is located inside the special cabin Master Maneuvering System. The dimensions of this cabin are 850 by 1500 by 1450 millimeters, and it weighs 170 kilograms. Behind the movements of a person there are a total of 16 sensors of various types, the data from which turn into a sequence of instructions for controlling servo motors, artificial muscles and some other robot units. And the feedback is provided by the torque and force sensors installed on each joint of the robot. In addition, the operator man wears special gloves that provide him with tactile feedback,

Actually, the robot T-HR3 has a height of 1540 millimeters and weighs about 75 kilograms. Its design contains 29 moving elements, each of which gives the robot one degree of freedom, which allows him to perform very complex movements and actions. Of course, the T-HR3 robot is not as good as the new Atlas robot , capable of performing a rollover with a reverse coup, however, its capabilities are quite wide.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that the first public debut of the robot T-HR3 will be held as part of the International Robot Exhibition, which will begin work in Tokyo on November 29 this year.

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