Ilon Mask announced the price for a trip through a tunnel built by The Boring Company

Ilon Mask and Steve Davis, the director of The Boring Company, talked about the project of high-speed underground highways Loop, which the company plans to build in Los Angeles in conjunction with the metro of the city. According to entrepreneurs, the development will allow citizens to move between the city center and the airport in eight minutes. And almost for free.

One capsule called Loop can hold up to 16 people. The cost of one trip will be 1 dollar (one dollar). It’s cheaper than a bus ticket. On tests, the capsules were accelerated to several hundred kilometers per hour. When commissioning the line, the average speed of the capsules will be about 240 kilometers per hour. The Metropolitan of Los Angeles soon promised to publish details of the partnership with the company Mask.


At the moment, The Boring Company is agreeing on the construction of the first tunnel under Los Angeles. The project will be the first step towards the construction of a 60-mile Loop tunnel network throughout the city. According to Steve Davis, a tunnel from Los Angeles to San Francisco, for example, can be built in a few weeks.

At the presentation of the project in the synagogue of Los Angeles, Mask was late for 25 minutes, ironically explaining the delay in traffic jams. During the presentation, he told why flying machines are not suitable for solving the problem of traffic jams. Tunnels, in his opinion, are less stressful for passengers than flying cars, but still as “cheerful” as they are.

Together with Mask and Davis during the meeting on the stage was a snail The Boring Company named Gary. According to Mask, one of the goals of his company is to drill the tunnels with the same speed with which the snail moves.

About the concept of an underground electric bus, developed by The Boring Company, we first learned in March , when Musk published relevant ideas on his page in Twitter. According to the head of SpaceX and Tesla, the new mode of transport will be able to automatically switch between tunnels and elevators.

Mask explained that for its implementation, thousands of small stations with the size of one parking space should be created. This is the main difference of the new transport from the same metro, which requires the construction of large stations. With the help of underground electric buses it will be possible to transport cars, but first of all the project is focused on those “who can not afford a car,” the businessman specified.

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