The internal Google video flowed about the impact on the choice and habits of a person

Google created a really creepy video that could easily appear on Netflix as part of the Black Mirror show. He talks about the future, in which it would be possible to change the history of our user data in order to influence human behavior.


The video was published thanks to The Verge. Its creator is Nick Foster, head of design in the research and development department of Google X. This work is dated to 2016.

Based on the theory of evolution and referring to the Richard Dawkins book of 1976, “The Selfish Gene, ” Foster suggested thinking about the ever-evolving library of online records about a man he called a “Selfish Book.” According to him, in the future all these data can be used not only to predict our behavior, but also to direct it to the desired result.

Western colleagues have already contacted Google and asked to comment on the video. The company said the video was designed to be provocative and has nothing to do with Google’s projects, which are currently under development.

We understand that this is unsettling – it should be so. It was a thought experiment of a development team gathered several years ago, which uses a technique known as “speculative design” to explore inconvenient ideas and concepts and attempts to provoke debate and debate. All this is not related to any current or future products.

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