Astro forecast of astrologer Olga Aristova for a week from August, 14 till August, 20th


August 11, 2017

Monday August 14

An interesting day that can give us new opportunities, but we need to be able to see them. A number of favorable aspects between planets will give us seriousness and ability to concentrate. This is a great time for self-knowledge and individual work, which requires the full use of their abilities. This is the time when it is better to rely on logic and common sense. But today the emotional background and irritability will be raised. Try not to find out the relationship on high tones. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel, the emergency day background is upgraded. Business: work with documents and reports.

Tuesday August 15

For the period until 17.06 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A busy day. Today, concentration on the negative side of life intensifies. This is a period of aggravation of long-standing unresolved problems in relations, excessive expenses and fines are possible. On this day, there will be a tendency to exaggerate the value of any information. Therefore, before you trust the messages, carefully check them. The growth of jealousy and resentment is likely. Moreover, this can happen literally on level ground and without any reason. Be patient and show understanding to loved ones. Business: do the current job.

Wednesday August 16

Listen to your intuition and be able to get answers to important questions. And a number of aspects between the planets will give us a good physical and mental form, and awakening inspiration. Today is a good day for communication and to show your erudition and dexterity. It’s a good day to work with the word and to train the sharpness of thought. Business: hold meetings and presentations.

Thursday, August 17

For the period from 16.38 hours to 19.13 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. A busy day. The surrounding people will be inclined to quick temper, irritation, excessive aggression and will be easily suggestible. Therefore, it is better to avoid unnecessary quarrels and clarify the relationship. Possible losses and not quite justified calculation for profit. In solving legal and legal issues, in cases with foreign partners, delays and difficulties are likely. Postpone expensive purchases for another day. Business: do charity.

Friday, August 18

Spend the day calmly, try not to rush or force events. Finish already begun business. Take time for a relaxing walk in the fresh air and meditation. Listen to calm music, light candles and favorite oils in the aroma lamp. Avoid noisy companies, clarifying attitudes and aggression. Listen to yourself, analyze your life. Think about what you do not like and how it can be changed. Business: prepare reports and documentation.

Saturday, August 19

For the period from 18.17 hours to 20.55 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. Energetically busy day, refrain from clarifying the relationship and from conflict. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Spend this day calmly, at home. Give more time to family and children. Do creativity and clean house.

Sunday August 20

A great day, spend it actively, go to the gym or for a walk. Physical activity will add to your strength. A good day for creative pursuits, as well as for visiting exhibitions, presentations, the theater or a concert. Come out into the light, do not sit at home. Arrange friendly parties and meetings with friends. Smile more, maintain a good mood and enjoy life.

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