Astro prognosis of astrologer Olga Aristova for a week from 07 to 13 August


02 August 2017

Monday 07 August

Today is the lunar eclipse, which will occur in the 15th degree of Aquarius. Finding the Moon in the middle of the sign of the Zodiac, and even in the full moon, speaks about the maximum level of manifestation of the emotional state, exposure of all the deep sources of the subconscious and psychological motivation. This eclipse indicates the possibility of correction of internal installations and awareness of past mistakes. Spend the day calmly, do not plan responsible affairs and meetings. Try to sleep properly and not be overloaded. Business: postpone important transactions for another day.

Tuesday August 08

For a period of time after 22.08 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An energetically active day, there will be many forces, try to channel them into a positive channel. And a number of aspects between the planets will give us interesting and unexpected events. This is a great day for creativity. Remember new ideas of this day, they can be useful to you in the future. Business: work on creative projects.

Wednesday August 9

A good day for creativity, find time for productive work and for creative rest. Communicate with like-minded people, generate general ideas. The romantic mood will be in the air. In the evening, try to spend with your loved one. Take time to walk along the shore of the reservoir, the water element will help to recover and relieve stress. Business: communicate with sponsors.

Thursday, August 10

For a period of time after 16.38 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. This day, try to pass a little more passively than usual, do not fuss, but contemplate. Listen to your intuition and you will be able to understand a lot. Speak less and listen more. A great day to work with the word – for writers and poets, and those who write different texts. Diplomacy, tact and good tone will open the doors before you. Business: a good day for trading.

Friday the 11th of August

For a period of up to 08.22 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An excellent and active day. Set a goal, do not doubt your own strength and act. You can safely go to the management with requests and addresses. If you feel excess energy, do physical work or go to the gym. And a number of harmonious aspects between the planets will help us to concentrate our efforts on the career and business. Business: do advertising projects.

Saturday August 12

Intuition is gaining momentum today, listen to it. This day can give many new opportunities and suggestions, try to use them. Spend the day actively – go to the fitness and the pool, take a walk.

Sunday August 13

For the period from 11.01 o’clock and up to 13.40 hours in Moscow, do not plan important affairs, meetings, negotiations. Spend the day calmly, do household chores. Be sure to get enough sleep and rest. Indulge in home delicious lunch and spend more time with children.

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