Astro prognosis of astrologer Olga Aristova for a week from August 28 to September 3


August 25, 2017

Monday August 28

For a period of time from 12.38 hours to 22.48 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Emotionally not a stable day, the mood can vary greatly – from euphoria to sadness. Try to control your inner mood and not be sad. Spend the day calmly, in everyday life, it’s better not to start anything new. Take care of your nervous system and loved ones. Business: do the current job.

Tuesday August 29

Another pretty busy day. On this day it will be more difficult than usual to focus on the working and educational process. Spend the day calmly and contemplatively, try not to rush anywhere and be alone with yourself. Take time to practice sports or go to a spa, treat yourself. Speak less and listen more. Business: finish the business already started.

Wednesday August 30

Good day, behave actively. Communicate, get acquainted, make the right connections and contacts. A number of favorable aspects between the planets will give us activity, vigor and strength. And also they will give us a good mood, harmony of feelings and inspiration. This is a good day for communicating with superiors and management, as well as for working with complex reports and documents. Business: conduct presentations and promotions.

Thursday, August 31

For the period from 07.42 hours to 11.19 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An active and positive day, set goals and objectives for yourself, and act, enough for everything. Pay attention to new thoughts and ideas of this day, they can come in handy in the future. A good day for training and further training. Business: communicate with business partners and investors.

Friday the 1st of September

Auspicious and bright day, due to a number of distinct aspects between the planets, we will be in a state of spiritual harmony. But, the emotional background will be slightly increased, outbreaks of jealousy and explosions of emotions are possible. Try to control yourself and not react to provocations, so as not to break the wood. Children can behave not very obediently, try to show patience to them. Business: do charity.

Saturday 02 September

For the period from 19.30 hours to 23.07 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. Spend the day calmly, do your household chores. Prepare home delicious dinner. Try to lay down earlier and be sure to get enough sleep. Take time to practice your favorite hobby or read your favorite book. And give more time to children.

Sunday the 3rd of September

Try to philosophically treat all the changes in fate. If something does not work out today, postpone this business for another day. Listen to your intuition, and you will be able to get answers to the questions that concern you. And a series of tense aspect between the planets will bring mood swings, emotional tension, a sense of lack of love. Pamper yourself with spa care, a hot tub, read your favorite book or watch a good movie.

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